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The Energy School in Switzerland started its project in June 2016, inspired by Bahay Kalipay, the House of Happiness in the Philippines, and Panditarama Vipassana Center, in Lumbini, Nepal.  

Our retreat center is located in a traditional Swiss chalet in front of the lake of Thun, near to Interlaken. The house is being transformed into a retreat space to run yoga, meditation and personal development programmes.

We have long dreamed of this - a school and retreat center and community of people living, teaching, learning, and sharing in the spontaneous moment, in authentic togetherness, trust-filled in the presence of what is sacred and simple in the nature that surrounds us.

With the support of friends and donors, and full of love, we welcome all people to its simple and cozy retreat space. 

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Attending the call of every sincere seeker

It is difficult to speak of the living memories of the thousands of visitors and residents from Bahay Kalipay, in the Philippines, which inspires our project and who have blessed that space with their love and their light.

The family heart has now expanded to Switerzland, continuing the tremendous transformation processes that have happened, and that is forever a cast on the foundations of this place we lovingly call the Temple of Trust.

We are honored by every single presence that has graced these humble hallways of healing. We are deeply grateful.


The Energy School House is located between the Swiss Alps and The beautiful Thun Lake, ready to start a trekking walk and visit the forest and the mountains or crossing the street and enjoy a swim. Our team is made up of people from different parts of the world, passionate about personal growth and service towards others.
Offering a complete and unforgettable experience is the essence of our journey.

Facilities of the house: 

  • Wooden Yoga Hall/Workshop Area (13 to 17 Yoga Mats space aprox.)

  • 2 sleeping rooms with capacity for 6 pax each = 12 persons in total + a private room for the teacher + 1 attached apartment with 2 double sleeping rooms.

  • 3 toilettes with Shower

  • 2 Kitchen

  • Sauna

  • Lot of green and nature access.

  THE Menu

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Our Workshops

At the moment our courses offer includes different varieties of Yoga , Inner Dance, Vipasana, healing tibetan bowls & Interpersonal Mindfulness retreats. 

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Your Group Space

We offer our house for groups interested in spending some time surrounded by nature and a good service. Vegetarian food, accommodations, and the workshops area are at your disposal, please contact us, we are looking forward to collaborate with you.

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Outdoor Activities

Throughout the year the area of the Lake of Thun offers many possibilities, from Paragliding, Ski, Trekking, etc...from The Energy School can assist our visitors to facilitate to choose the best services





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"May all beings be happy and free"

Mukti Lovewaves, Energy School Co-Founder


Outdoor Activities 

The nature that surrounds the Energy School Retreat is incredible. During the summer, the winter or the intermediate stations there are diverse outdoor activities, and amazing places that we would like to take you!


Hikking, Treking

From our house begin diverse and delicious mountain roads that allow us to reach the Oeschinensee lake and the beautiful alpine village of Murren among many others places around Därligen, Interlaken area.

Paragliding, Paddle boarding, rowing activities. 

During the spring and summer the lake of Thun area offers the possibility of sailing, rowing, paddle boarding and paragliding among others interesting activities. contact:

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Ski, Snowboard - Wintertime

the winter offers the possibility of doing sports in the snow as well as enjoying cozy moments in the Swiss mountain shelters.
For a complete guide visit the Lake of Thun Website