(17 to 22 Oct) 5 Day Inner Dance & Breathwork Facilitator Training

(17 to 22 Oct) 5 Day Inner Dance & Breathwork Facilitator Training



Inner dance breathwork is a psychotropic sound journey facilitated by breath, music and touch only (no drugs). These sound journeys give an opportunity to explore the inner terrain and map your psyche, then bring it into dialogue through a transpersonal framework. 

Its main purpose is to connect you with a deeper sense of meaning on your journey and orient your center towards what is alive in you seeking expression. 

This is an immersion and retreat of spiritual practice combined with daily exercise and nutritionally focused food.

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  • Type:

    Yoga Retreats


    5 days

  • Area:

    • Därligen, Canton of Bern, Switzerland

  • Styles:

    • Vinyasa Yoga

  • Food:

    • Vegetarian

    • Vegan

    • Gluten Free

    • Organic

    • Raw

  • Skill Level:

    • Intermediate

Flexible cancellation policy


  • Integrations through dialogue and sharing circles, learn how to facilitate yourselves and others.

  • Witness what drives you, expand your perspectives, and connect with a deeper personal meaning.

  • Daily natural movement, yoga, exercise and nutritionally focused food

  • The ideal location to unplug and enjoy the beauty of nature

  • A series of drug free psychotropic sound and movement journeys to explore and map the inner world

Full Description

You'll be arriving in the small Swiss village of Därligen, situated on the north side of an impressive rock face, directly on the lake opening up a panorama of mountains.

The air is crisp and the tap water runs directly from the mountain spring. The center, a traditional Swiss chalet, tells a 300-year-old story, life being breathed back into it recently through the past year of renovations, complete with yoga hall, dormitory style accommodation, and sauna.

The retreat will consist of 6 days of whole systems medicine for body mind and spirit. Whole systems medicine, put simply, means; physical exercise and detox, dialogic process and mapping the psyche complete with teacher training in inner dance breathwork, and the dual spiritual practices of meditation and inner dance/breathwork

You'll get chance to map your own process and understand better the drivers within your own psyche, to connect more tangibly with a greater sense of meaning and purpose for your life and begin to build a framework to live it.

On top of that, you'll learn how to facilitate yourself and other people through inner dance/ breathwork and expand your toolkit of ways to access the deeper layers of the personal and collective subconscious for integration. 


Food will be vegetarian, vegan, raw.

The emphasis will be on simple delicious foods that nourish the body, help with gentle detoxification and meet its nutritional needs without compromising on taste. 


Energy School, Därligen, Interlaken, Canton of Bern, Switzerland.

What Makes This Retreat Special

About priming the body through physical exercise, natural movement, calisthenics, and yoga in conjunction with nutritionally optimized food. This way your body can process the information it receives in as comprehensive a way as possible.

We work with small focused groups to develop trust and intimacy and the opportunity to go deep in a safe environment. Our aim is spiritual resiliency and knowing of the self for a more complete life experience. 

What’s Included in This Package

  • Sound journeys and integration periods.

  • Comprehensive breakdown of principles of facilitation with opportunity to practice and get feedback.

  • Materials, playlists and notes to take home.

  • Meals, juices, smoothies, dorm style accommodation.

  • Daily meditations.

  • Daily yoga, and exercise, complete with natural lake swimming and sauna.

  • Dialogue circles with the group to integrate your process.


Mukti lived in the foothills of the Himalayas, Nepal, for 11 years, where she had deepened her practice in Buddhism and meditation traditions.

Afterwards, she headed to the Philipines, where she lived in the spiritual community of Bahay Kalipay, in Palawan. 

Specialized in meditation, yoga, bio-psychology, bio-energetic, sound healing, Mukti is a resident teacher at the Energy School and guides retreats and transformational workshops, seminars and private sessions at the School.

Mukti reminds us that the only moment we have in which to live our lives is now. 

It is now that we can savor our joys, heal our wounds, engage in meaningful work, face our fears, and celebrate our miraculous gifts of life and love.


The itinerary structure is similar each day but looking at different aspects of facilitation and immersion into your own personal journey. The meal times and breaks will generally remain the same. 

The yoga, exercise, and food program are a fundamental part of the journey, if you have medical reasons you should not partake, please make us aware of them in advance.  


Energy School

€ 450 or € 395

The accomodation setting is in the old rennovated chalet; comfortable, single bed, large wooden dormitory style rooms overlooking the lake with shared toilet and bathroom facilities

There are also two private rooms available for extra cost. both of them small but comfortable, still with shared toilet and bathroom.

There is free wifi upon request. 

Surrounding Area

  • Lake

  • Forest

  • Mountain

  • Close to Nature


Seasonal information

September will be the end of summer and likely it will still be quite warm. it will be useful to bring something for changes in temperature however as we're in a mountainous area and the weather can be quite changeable. 

Weather information

The weather will likely be good!

Electricity and outlets

Switzerland has it's own eletrical outlets that are different to Europe, although a lot of european devices fit them. They take two or three circular pins, best to bring a universal adaptor although we also have some here if necessary. 

How to get there (flights, airport transfers, buses, trains)

The best airports to fly into are Basel, Geneva or Zurich, Bern is the closest major town but usually flights to there are a bit more pricey.

From any of the airports you can find train connections to Spiez or Interlaken. From there a train or bus to Darligen is available. We're a 5-minute walk from the train station. 

What to bring

Bring comfortable clothes you're able to do exercise in, comfortable shoes to walk in, a blanket and yoga mat if you like to travel with them. If you have a journal you like to use you can bring that too. 

What’s Not Included in This Package

  • Travel to the center

  • Travel insurance



The Energy School in Switzerland started its project in June 2016, inspired by Bahay Kalipay, the House of Happiness, in the Philippines, and Panditarama Vipassana Center, in Lumbini, Nepal.  

Our school is an old farmhouse, a traditional Swiss chalet, that is being transformed into a retreat space to run yoga and meditation programs.

We have long dreamed of this - a school and retreat center and community of people living, teaching, learning, and sharing in the spontaneous moment, in authentic togetherness, trust-filled in the presence of what is sacred and simple in the nature that surrounds us.

With the support of friends and donors, and full of love, we welcome all people to its simple and cozy retreat space. 

As a community of spiritual seekers, artists, healers, teachers, and explorers of a holistic lifestyle from around the world, we share the vision of living in harmony with each other, the community, and nature.

We do this by making conscious choices towards the evolution of body, mind, and spirit that honors the various levels of preparedness of the individual. 

Our intention is to support your path even after you leave our school.

We encourage those who wish to undergo personal transformation through a range of modalities, including Inner Dance, yoga, meditation, and earth consciousness, to stay with us for support on their inner work. 

Guests can also join as stay-in practitioners who would like the freedom to take part of and contribute to the programs according to their own flow.

While our doors are always open to returning family members, we honor your journey by providing you with tools to use when you reintegrate back to your own homes. 

It is difficult to speak of the living memories of the thousands of visitors and residents from Bahay Kalipay, in the Philippines, which inspires our project and who have blessed that space with their love and their light.

The family heart has now expanded to Switerzland, continuing the tremendous transformation processes that have happened, and that is forever a cast on the foundations of this place we lovingly call the Temple of Trust.

We are honored by every single presence that has graced these humble hallways of healing. We are deeply grateful.


We imagine what Earth would be like if it functioned on trust. This is our purpose for existing. To see how far trust might take us. In our many experiences, trust leads to two things. 

Deep healing happens here. 

Often in unexplainable ways, the kinds of yoga, detox programs, fasting experiences, silent days, our nature journeys, and our inner dance courses take place because of the ways in which we support your capacity to surrender.

This is our dream and our purpose - to create a place where you can just let go of yourself. Understanding takes place. Maybe we often call it intuition, consciousness or insight.

However it arises, a knowing descends in the unexpected conversations, the walks to the lake or during yoga and meditation practices. This is our own happiness.

If you can step away from our school both healed and in your own insight, we too are healed and in a greater understanding of who we are and why we do what we do.