(Jul 25 - 29) 4 Day Yoga Wellness & Inner Dance Summer Retreat, Switzerland

(Jul 25 - 29) 4 Day Yoga Wellness & Inner Dance Summer Retreat, Switzerland



Type: Yoga Retreat

  • Date: Jul 25 - 29 - 2019

  • Duration: 5 days

  • Area: Interlaken, Canton of Bern, Switzerland

  • Styles: Hatha Yoga / Yin Yoga / Ashtanga Yoga

  • Food: Vegetarian / Vegan / Gluten Free

  • Skill Level:

    • Beginner

    • Intermediate

    • Advanced


  • Rediscover yourself after too long of feeling disconnected

  • The ideal location to unplug and enjoy the beauty of nature

  • Become stronger mentally and find inner peace

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Full Description

This retreat combines yoga, sound healing and different forms of inner work & meditation. Such as:

Inner Dance

Inner dance is as powerful tool to rejuvenate, energize and reinvigorate the body, mind and spirit. To bring the innerdance experience is beyond time. To bring the innerdance energy into context happens in the infinite creative forces we call time-space. It is always learning, always shifting, always discovering. It often feels like a baby that has just awoken into the blank page; a newness that doesn't stop experiencing the unexpected.

This space celebrates what has emerged in so many courageous beings that have ventured into the unknown depths of Who We Are. They are as much teachers by demonstration, as they are co-learners in this classroom
called the universe. I hope that long after these are written, the learning continues, into the spaces where no time exists.


Sound Healing with Tibetan Singing Bowls.

Sound Healing is a form of sound massage – a ‘high-speed’ method to deeply relax, purify, heal and absorb positive energy. The body vibrates and fills up with sounds. You become part of the sound.

Sound Healing is an energy medicine that has a huge potential.

The singing bowls have specific vibrations which mingle with our energy bodies – this causes a massive positive effect on the human being. This positive effect is a highly beneficial Therapy.

We are genuinely thrilled to introduce this amazing ancient method of Sound Bliss to you.

Hearing and being bathed in harmonious sounds leads to rapid and effective deep relaxation and stress relief.

The sounds help you to deal effectively in daily life and enhance your creativity. New energies will be freed and self-healing will be mobilized.

You will feel the vibrations travel through your body, generating a feeling of expansion and well-being. You start to drift and daydream as the waves of sound wash through your cells with their rejuvenating and strengthening power.

At the end we feel regenerated.

If good music is nourishing, the singing bowls can be compared to the most basic and "digestible of all sound diets."

With our innate trust in these harmonious sounds and the pleasurable response they cause throughout our body, we soon start to breathe deeper and our thoughts calm down.

Quickly we reach "the zone" and are capable of self-healing and accomplishing our very best.

Vibrational healing with the bowls also serves as a powerful key to unlock emotional trauma trapped within our subconscious.

Thoughts being vibrations, bowl therapy offers a deeper plane of healing that involves greater emotional and mental clarity. Many individuals report increased awareness after each session.

Ho'oponopono Meditation

This meditation presents a problem-solving process to release emotions and memories that came as a result of painful experiences, not only related to ourselves, but to our ancestors.

It is a process of letting go of the memories and releasing the “negative layers” that prevents us from becoming who we truly are.

This involves the path of the heart and mind towards understanding, love and compassion, away from fear, anger or hate, or any other negative emotion. 

Walking meditation

The ability of focus developed during walking meditation is easily carried out into our daily life as well as into our seated practice when there are actually less sensory stimuli. It’s a powerful tool at your disposal.

Walking meditation is more than a simple stroll in the park. It is usually done much slower than normal walks and involves either coordination with the breathing, or specific focusing practices. 

"When we practice walking meditation, we arrive in each moment. Our true home is in the present moment. When we enter the present moment deeply, our regrets and sorrows disappear, and we discover life with all its wonders. Breathing in, we say to ourselves, I have arrived. Breathing out, we say, I am home. When we do this we overcome dispersion and dwell peacefully in the present moment, which is the only moment for us to be alive." - Thich Nhat Hanh

Earth Yoga

Uses the classical Sun Moon Yoga system in an experienced order, which correlates with the 5 elements - earth, water, fire, air and ether to inspire a transformation in the individual. 

Earth Yoga is a mix of traditional and contemporary Hatha Yoga and meditation techniques.The Earth Yoga System is designed to bring awareness to the individual as consciousness expands.

We are so happy to welcome you, co-journey with you, and so much more! 


On this page below are a few words shared on the process.

“For me, it represents the missing aspect of practical spirituality I was searching for to help elevate mass human consciousness above petty materialism, a universally accessible raising of awareness that can embrace the ecology of our planet.

It is a potential and actual force to help us return to simplicity, basic goodness and our authentic individual beauty.”
Dr. Nick Smith, England

“I explored, felt, loved and experienced my body moving in ways it never had in the past. A knot I have had in my middle back ever since a car accident two years ago is gone!”
Karen Fletcher, MPH, Seattle, Washington

"innerdance is about flow, tuning in to deeper psychic, emotional and spiritual energies that exist within each of us and allowing these inner forces to move outward; it needs childlike trust, a suspension of the constant stream of mental chitchat that occupies our heads. When it happens, there is such a sense of release, of healing and coming home to one’s deepest music—personal and unique. All the layers of conventions , coping mechanisms and survival efforts simply fall away .One can touch the Core, our Original Source."
Agnes, Philippine Daily Inquirer

“Once the blockages are released, the initiate often proceeds into a trance-like dance that can be equivalent to the crumbling away of one’s masks which allows a freedom from personal blockages.”
Chichi, Vision Magazine, California

It was an innerdance—an inner rebirth. It was a very powerful experience for me and I found myself teary-eyed. It was a cathartic experience I could not forget.”
Jaime Licauco, Philippine Daily Inquirer

To date, I still have not found an acceptable, rational explanation. What I do know is that I felt and continue to feel God’s presence more acutely after I experienced the innerdance. I guess this outcome is more important than finding the cause.”
Kay, The Freeman Newspaper, Cebu

“Simplicity is at the heart of it all, enabling us to stay connected to our inner self as we continue the dance.”
Agnes, Town and Country Magazine

“The experience is sacred. It launches initiates into an acceleration of spiritual development, which includes processes of purification and profound transformation.”
Troy, Philippine Daily Inquirer, Lifestyle

“I explored, felt, loved and experienced my body moving in ways it never had in the past. Some movements reminded me of my qigong practice but the movements went further, deeper and unraveled tension from my feet all through the fascia in my back, arms, neck and face. I felt such freedom and Joy! And I felt a new ease and freedom in my Being and movement in my body afterward. I also felt such deep, deep gratitude for my experience, the facilitators, and all the people who were there. Thank you!! And my new feeling of freedom and wellness in my body has continued since my 2nd innerdance…AND a knot I have had in my middle back ever since a car accident two years ago is gone!”
Karen Fletcher, MPH, Seattle, Washington

“I’ve never felt so light and ecstatic. When the twister subsided I could not contain the energy in my body prompting me to roar so loudly. Then I was making very synchronized movements with my hands just like what the ancient monks were doing while meditating. It was so powerful that I wasdancing for more than two hours, later dancing like there was a baby in my arms which looked as though I was cradling and embracing … the child in me was re-born; I became a new person and was sitting at the far end,quietly full of awe and wonder.”
Marwin, Cebu



The food is basically vegetarian. 

Typical Breakfast: fruits, yogurt and cereals

Lunch & Dinner: a variety of salads, fresh vegetables and rice

Tea, snacks and juices are available during break times.


The Energy School is located right in the front of the Lake of Thun, in Darligen, 5km away from the center of Interlaken.

What Makes This Retreat Special

This retreat is for someone who is ready to let go and activate other parts of their brains - which are related to our creativity, our intuition, and to recharge energy - ready to dive inside themselves and upgrade their own systems. No matter which level, everyone is welcome!